Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My New Favorite Fruit

When you find food you really like, it's hard to try something new. At home, it seems like the only time we ever try something new is when we have coupons. If we don't have coupons, then we don't want to risk buying something that we might not like when we can buy something we already know we like.

Things are no different in China. By now I know what food I like, and it is really hard to spend my money on something new. And unfortunately, I haven't found any coupons. But coupons aren't the only catalyst to exploration. Friends are, too!

When I eat with friends they often offer me their food to taste. That is when I stumbled across this:

Dynamite comes in small packages.

In Chinese, the name of this fruit is pronounced "lee-jer." When I looked up the translation online, I discovered it has the terribly unappetizing name of "lychee."

Somebody please find the man or woman who was in charge of naming this thing. I've got a bone to pick with them. It wouldn't surprise me if it's the same person in charge of naming oranges: "naval," "bloody,"  etc.

Instead, I would hire the apple guy: "red delicious," "pink lady," "golden delicious," (and the lesser-known) "seek-no-further," "strawberry parfait," "pixie crunch," and "revival." Look them up if you don't believe me.

And I must confess, I've always envied Roald Dahl for creating the "Scrumdiddlyumptious Bar." Unfortunately, he's not around anymore to consult. 

These things peal very easily. Inside, there is a translucent ball with a seed inside. The texture most resembles the inside of a grape, though it is less firm and more juicy.

And as for the taste, it is completely unique. I think this is in the fruit punch family. If you mix four parts fruit punch and one part watermelon you might be close to creating "lychee juice."

...I'm serious about finding the apple guy to change the name of this fruit.

Has anyone seen this fruit in the U.S.?

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