Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Five Random Blurbs

- One -

I spent five  minutes running around my room trying to kill a GIANT fly with one of my textbooks. Seriously, this fly was as big as a bumble bee. It almost never landed.

But because this fly was so big, it flew quite slow. So, my strategy was to literally bat it in the air with my textbook, then chase it to the place I knocked it to and smash it. Remarkably, the fly survived this multiple times. At one point I smashed it really hard, and when I lifted the book to see what happened to it, it was gone. Disappeared! A moment later I heard buzzing again.

But alas, it met it's match.

- Two -

I have had the classic Christmas song Winter Wonderland stuck in my head ever since I arrived here. At least three times a week I will catch myself humming/singing to it while I'm walking around campus.

I have no idea why this song originally embedded itself into my mind or why it won't get away. Wuhan is one of the "Four Furnaces" of China. The summers here are really hot. Maybe this phenomenon is a way for my body to cope with the heat.

All in all, it's not a bad song to get stuck in your head. There are much worse.

- Three -

I have seen a sudden surge in dogs recently. I've even gotten to pet a few. It's strange how some of them even look Chinese.

But along with cute, fun, people-loving dogs comes almost unbearable pangs of longing for her, my baby...

I'm coming Kiah!!! Just a little while longer. I know you've been thinking about me every day. I'll be home soon. Be strong!


- Four -

Yesterday I was eating in the cafeteria again. I was eating a bowl of three kinds of Chinese dishes mixed together. About two minutes into eating I discovered a hair in my food. I took it out...

...and kept eating. I was hungry, I didn't want to go get new food, and I'm pretty sure you can't get any disease from eating a piece of someone's hair. The heat kills the germs anyway, right?

So, I kept on eating. About two minutes later I discovered a nail in the same food. A nail! Not a fingernail. A metal, pointy, hammer-into-a-piece-of-wood nail. I took it out...

...and kept eating. This is the kind of affect China has on a person.

After about another two minutes of eating I discovered a chicken claw in my food!

...oh, wait. That's supposed to be there. Never mind.

- Five -

Kids are fun(ny).

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