Monday, April 12, 2010

Cultural Conundrum #6: Fast Food Delivery

This one isn't so much a cultural conundrum as it is a cultural convenience.

McDonald's delivers!

The delivery person rides around on a scooter. I've also seen a KFC delivery person riding around.

I'm not sure how much extra it costs to have your food delivered. I have yet to eat fast food during my stay here. It's tempting to have a taste of home every once in a while, but I figure fasting from McDonald's and KFC for five months will make them taste that much better when I return to the U.S.

We'll see how I hold up.


  1. McDonalds delivery.... I can only imagine the quality of McDonald's delivery food.

    I really like the title of your weblog by the way (of course having to read your explanation was needed).

    Good luck, and enjoy your time, it looks like you're having a pretty amazing experience.

    -Justin Moyers

  2. I agree, Lindsey...though I wonder what they would charge for delivery in the U.S.

    And thanks for visiting Justin!

    McDonald's is considered more fancy here than in the maybe that quality of their delivery food isn't too bad. But you're right, I probably shouldn't hold my breath.

    And you seem like the kind of person that would especially appreciate the title. I was pretty excited when it came into my head.